Added Post-Productivity Toolkit

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+*  Pocket Notebook
  * Scratch pad
  * Field Notes or Doane grid+lines
  * Scribbling things as they come up during the day
  * Primary inbox
*  Daily Planner (not to plan but to log)
  * I use the Hobonichi Techo
  * Logging life
  * Writing down important things that _happened_ that I don't want to forget about
*  Trello
  * "Doing" board
    * Tasks that I need to pay attention to this week/short term
  * "Planning" board
    * Upcoming projects
    * Personal goals I want to look at every day
    * Things I need to remember/think about that aren't necessarily tasks
  * "Work" board
*  Personal Wiki
  * Running MediaWiki
  * Big picture
  * Connecting ideas
  * Track the themes that thread through your life