The Simplest Tool Built for the Job

A few months ago I moved in to a new apartment. It’s taken me a little while to settle in and I finally got around to hanging up some shelves and a bike rack. In the past, I’ve used whatever hack possible to sink a drywall anchor because I didn’t want to spend the money on a drill and didn’t really want the extra things to store in a tiny New York flat. I finally wanted to get a drill so I could properly sink the drywall anchors on not have my bike crashing down from its hanger. When I was at the hardware store I looked around and found a manual, crank-by-hand drill. It was small, inexpensive, and tailored exactly for what I needed. No extra features, no batteries. It wasn’t the best drill on the market. It was the simplest tool built for the job and it was the perfect tool for the job.

We can’t forget to look for what’s the perfect fit for us, not just what’s the best based on features or what other people think.