Not Being Special

A little story from Jason at GORUCK, who has learned a lot about simplicity the hard way:

Way back when we thought we were so special in every way. Truth be told, we’re similar to most places most of the time. We build stuff we sell stuff we write about stuff we publish pictures and words. Our culture and our values and what we do make us different in some ways, but those have nothing to do with e-commerce sites and blogging platform layouts.

Jason and team had designed and built a custom template for the blog but then a thing happened that happens to all of us. Things change, technology changes, but the old special snowflake way we do things, the things that are built on old technology, built on old dogmas, old comforts, they don’t change and then we get stuck:

So we switched instead to an existing theme. Life is easier and it lets us focus more time on content creation and less time on being special.

Less special, more simple–something we can all practice.