The never-advertised, always coveted headphones built and sold in Brooklyn

A great story of craftsmanship and focus on quality by Casey Johnston:

Lorina’s hands are so fast and sure at putting the headphones together her movements startle me. She shows me how to apply two different kinds of glue and how to solder the wires from the driver. In about five minutes, the headphones come together into one piece, and she lets me test them the way Grado tests every headphone: with an 80Hz tone that feels like Inception. Since my shoddy craftsmanship came after most of the important assembly steps (namely, the driver got there before I could mess it up), they actually work.

Grado headphones are one of my favorites and even the entry-level SR60s have a clean, crisp sound at a price that makes them a nice value. The flat response of Grado’s (the sound not being manipulated to be more bassy or bright) and the open-back engineering make these headphones sound “true” and nice to see the company behind them be true to the craftsmanship of making something wonderful.