The Problem Isn't Technology

Technology sabbaticals seem to be more commonplace as devices become deeper engrained in our life and work. Mat Honan on who’s at fault:

Rather than focusing on taking temporary breaks from technology, we need the discipline to live with it at all times. We can’t rely on a mountain or a remote wasteland to create waldeinsamkeit; we have to create it ourselves.

This is one of those things there isn’t a hack for. That game where people put their phones in a stack on the table when out for dinner is cute but it doesn’t happen. You’re just going to have to do the work to chose what things you let buzz in your pockets, turn off the rest, and then go through an awkward phase (withdrawals) until you can focus on your conversation instead of thinking about getting your next hit.

Because your family and friends are sick of seeing your face dumbly lit up all the time.