The Flexible Mind


The root cause of frustration, irritation, anger, sadness is an inflexible mind — one that wants to hold onto the way we wish things were, the ideas we’re comfortable with. When things don’t go this way, we are then frustrated, angry, sad. […]

It’s about developing the ability to cope with change, to be flexible, to simplify.

I’m often OK at the part where you need to let go of expectations and cope with change. I have a pretty good capacity of just ignoring dumb things that happen and not getting frustrated about them.

Here’s the part of having a flexible mind that I struggle with: if I ignore when people do something just plain stupid–when I just shrug it off–I feel like I’m letting them get away with it. Part of me thinks that I’m in no place to try and “fix” anyone and the other (more internal) part of me thinks that they need to hear it.

I guess part of the flexibility comes in knowing which is the right thing to do.