Three Words

These three words will help direct the things I do in this next year:


Being insatiably curious. Be determined to understand why things are that way and don’t settle for things remaining that way if, through curiosity, I can find a better way. Appreciate and respect the mystery around us but don’t be OK with thinking the mystery is magic. Ask questions, seek, listen, and continue to be curious about more interesting things.


Develop not only the ideas I seek with curiosity but continue taking an interesting approach on those ideas. Use the things I’ve learned from smart people and my own experiences to connect and shape ideas in a different way. Take a wide perspective when people are zoomed in; get closer to the idea when people are observing from afar. Be opinionated. Write in a safe place where I can break away the conventions of my conscious and let the voice inside of me bleed out in ink. Become comfortable with that true voice and then strengthen it and use it for important things.


Appreciate flow. Don’t desire for moments that aren’t now but continue to aim forward towards values. Learn to realize when I’m accepting flow and when I’m settling for something less than what could be. Recognize my desire to want for what’s far ahead is with good intentions but I can have those intentions and still plan and direct myself to that same place without the want-full desire. Through that flow and through that path will become a better appreciation for what I’ve done, what I have, and what I can be.

In 2013, I want to define my voice by letting curiosity lead me through the flow of learning and living.

Defining these three words was inspired by Michael Schechter based on Chris Brogan’s method.