Proving the Kit Bag

Jason, the guy who runs the show at GORUCK, talking about the new Kit Bags and their philosophy on gear in general:

In an ideal world for most manufacturers, people are gentle on bags and don’t use them the ‘wrong’ way. Unless their plan is that you break them and buy more, I don’t know. The point is that we assume (and hope) people are too busy living their lives to want to worry all the time about whether their gear will fall apart. We want you to take our gear for granted.

Your gear, your tools, your systems, they should all be something that you forget about because they are working so well and are so dependable that you’re focused on living your lives and not tweaking some app. That’s the goal at least. I guess it takes a while to get there—to forget about the system and not worry about things falling apart—but being able to take your gear and tools for granted means you’re focusing on the outcome and benefit of what they provide, not the software itself.