Functionality, Practicality, and an Element of Good Taste

Aldo Lorenzi of G. Lorenzi in Milan, Italy—a purveyor of fine men’s tool-ware like knives, pipes, brushes, scissors, and shaving supplies—on the intrinsic values of their industry and the products they create:

Over the years, this work became a lost art because it is very difficult and because it is work that can only be done lovingly, patiently. A craft like ours is a labour of love, more than one of strength, or of money, and it must be practiced with skill. Since today, love of craft is rarely prioritized over money, it survived, but naturally, there are few such shops. I have tried to create a team that lives and loves this trade. Following that, each person may love on blade more, one blade less. However, the foundation is love and that is what keeps us together.

Our priority is functionality, practicality—that the pieces serve its useful purpose. While it is serving its purpose, we can give it the element of good taste and also pleasantness and make it timeless. We have never sold a product that works as intended at purchase and then, eventually, must be thrown away to facilitate new business—no. I do everything to ensure that you stay in love, because if you stay with us over time and mature with us over time, each purchase remains a souvenir but those souvenirs should also continue to work as intended. They shouldn’t age, become outdated, and cease to function, they should age like we do. I want to age and mature over time, but I want to remain useful, not be cast aside.

I believe in this and want to practice it in everything I do.