The Benefits of Getting Up Early

Until recently, I haven’t been an early riser. I’d have a routine down to the minute and be able to prolong the time I spent in bed before rushing out the door and on to the rest of my day. I’ve learned to like getting up early so I can start my day doing things I enjoy. I get up at 7 and am into work around 10, giving me a solid chunk of time in the morning to do, well, whatever I want. Here are some of the benefits of rising early:

  • You can slow things down and find the moments in your routine that you want to be rituals
  • The earlier you get up usually the more tired you are at the end of the day, leading to a more sound sleep
  • You have more time to make fussy coffee
  • By doing things at the start of the day, you make them priority; everything else comes after
  • You can eat something better than Fruit Loops (I like oatmeal with blueberries)
  • Escape and be in a quiet, uninterrupted place1 free of notifications and distractions for enough time to appreciate how powerful it is.

Don’t worry about being sleepy. A nice cold shower will wake you up pretty quickly.

“The Benefits Of” is a fun series pointing out some small and large ways that little things can benefit your life. You can read all of the Benefits Of posts here.

  1. Unless you have kids. Then, well…Sorry.↩︎