Plain Text To-Dos from OmniFocus

I spend a lot of time in OmniFocus, and that’s where I set up both work and personal projects. Sometimes it’s nice, when getting work done, to move a few tasks I’ve got lined up in OmniFocus into a plain text file.

I created an Applescript that copies your selected actions in OmniFocus along with a little unicode square at the front. Setting up the script to a hotkey with Fastscripts makes it easy to turn a list in OmniFocus to something like this:

☐ Placeholder task 1  
☐ Next placeholder task  
☐ Once more, just for fun  

I even made them Markdown safe with two spaces at the end.

And to mark those tasks as done, I created a service that, when you select the line (⌘ + L in BBEdit) and hit the hotkey you set in System Preferences > Keyboard > Keyboard Shortcuts > Services, it replaces the little box with an x:

☐ Placeholder task 1
x Next placeholder task
☐ Once more, just for fun

Quick and easy to-do lists when OmniFocus is a little more than you need.