It’s the Little Things

Benjamin Brooks quotes Marco Arment’s tweet in a piece that talks about the importance of little things in life:

If you sit on, sleep on, stare at, or touch something for more than an hour a day, spend whatever it takes to get the best.

We can easily ignore the imperfections of the things we spend our time with. Brooks goes on to say that by bettering these little things a bit at a time we can greatly improve our lives:

What I have found is that by doing this I am incrementally making my life more enjoyable each and everyday. It really is the little things that count, because if you improve enough of the little things (and the big things don’t suck) then pretty soon you are going to have a lot of great things going for you and thus you will be happier.

These incremental changes can add up to something great if, as Brooks says, “the big things don’t suck.” If you ignore the big things, the little things don’t matter. The big things could a relationship, a job, or a product you use daily. Don’t stop at incrementally changing the small things. Have big ideas about big things and figure out how you can slowly make your way there.