Rain or Shine

We set ourselves up for success or failure by the commitments we make and follow through on. Failure is always an option but not always a choice—sometimes it’s inevitable. The choice you have is to show up, rain or shine.

Do you love baseball so much that you would keep playing in the rain if you could? Would you commit to running in the morning or biking to work everyday, rain or shine? Would you stick by your girlfriend, best friend, wife, coworker when everyone else has given up on them?

Some people commit to the wrong things and they’ll be greedy and hurtful all the time. They’ve trained themselves to do this by being that way on the best and worst of days.

Train yourself to behave, do, create, meet, and explore the way you want to by doing it no matter what. Being committed means showing up regardless of how tired you are, how messed up things are, or how little you feel you have to offer. You can’t just say you’ll be a good leader, husband, friend, father, boss, and then pull it off when the time comes. You have to practice and commit to the lifestyle, attitude, and behavior, rain or shine, so that when the hard parts of it comes along, you’re better prepared to ride out the storm.

What is it you will do rain or shine?