Living Declaration

There’s no room for indecision in a declaration. It’s not, “let’s give this a shot” or “I’ll try.” A declaration is a stance—a strong one. It’s standing your ground to opposition, stating your failure, or defining truths. Declare war. Declare bankruptcy. Declare one’s love.

It’s also public. Declarations aren’t fruitful if they happen in your notebook or as a quiet thought. They are meant to be told from the mountain tops, shared with people, and understood together. Declarations are made so that people can be accountable to the beliefs that are declared.

Too often we won’t declare anything. We stay quiet about our beliefs, our work, our values, our goals, our vision because people will say they are stupid. They’ll say we are wasting our time.

Make more declarations. Make everything you are a declaration and with everything you do, support that purpose.