These are some guiding principles for Hack/Make.

Value simplicity over superficial minimalism.
Choose tools instead of technology.
Deliberately reduce inputs which steal attention.
Focus on what I love and do those things.

These articles will be about things I love, new things, and how either have or hopefully will improve my life. It could be lifestyle changes, things I’ve bought or things I’ve gotten rid off. Things I’ve introduced into my life that have simplified it or made it complex (for the better). I’ll write about technology that has helped me and times when technology distracts me.

I’m writing to hold myself accountable and writing for people who have the determination to make a life they already love even better. Making can be hard. Life isn’t a “4 hour work week”. There’s people who let things happen and people who make things happen. If you’re still reading this, you’re the latter.

I want to achieve an understanding of things I can do that will improve my life, then do those things. I’ll explore those situations but most importantly, I’ll try to answer why they matter so much. Most ‘life hack’ blogs just talk about cool things that you can use or do to improve your life but rarely talk about what it is about them that’s so helpful. I could argue that [blank] has changed how I [blank] but if the why doesn’t align with what matters most to you, it’s irrelevant and won’t help you. We all have different problems we’re trying to solve with hacks and even complex solutions but by approaching them with even a basic understanding of what you’re trying to solve and why this thing might help you, you’re going to succeed, or learn something valuable along the way. As I explore this path and mind-state my goal is to answer the why as often as possible so I can refine it and work towards making every day the best possible.