GORUCK GR1 Accessories

The only way you can make the GORUCK GR1 better is to add some solid accessories to it.

GORUCK Field Pocket

The GR1 Field Pocket is built for the GR1 and fits, as designed, on the MOLLE strapping inside of the bag. This puts it conveniently at the top of the bag and accessible with just a small opening of the main zipper. I use it to store EDC gear, a small First Aid kit, and basic bike tools. The pocket folds open with zippered compartments on each side making securing your tools simple. The large 550 cord zippers pulls make it easy to get in and out without looking or when you’re in a rush. This piece adds a great amount of functionality to the GR1 and highly recommend it if you have lots of small gear you carry daily.

Multi-tool Attachment

My dad gave me the incredibly useful Leatherman Wave multi-tool for Christmas and I wanted to find it a home in my GR1. Leatherman makes a MOLLE sheath that fits the Wave perfect and could sit right beside the Field Pocket . It’s attached to the bottom two rows of the GR1’s internal MOLLE grid and makes for an incredibly secure and easy to access for the many tasks that call for a great multi-tool.

Cable Management

Along with my assorment of EDC gear, I have all of my tech equipment that stays in my bag. Cables, chargers, and adaptors turn into a mess being loose in your bag and the famously Likehacker recommended Grid-It organizer is the perfect solution. I measured up the inside mesh pocket on the GR1 and the CPG7 model fits perfectly.


Attached to the outter side webbing of my GR1 are a pair of standard climbing locking carabiners that are ready to securly attach any gear to my bag. They are very useful for carry grocery bags when cycling but have many other uses.


Living in America is great and all but the hook and loop patch that lives on the outside of the GR1 is a great place to stand proud of my home and native land. I ordered one of these Canada flag patches in black/silver to live proudly on my ruck.

Customizing my GR1 with these accessories has made it incredibly useful for me and helps it stand strong along side me every day.