Fastmail Friendly With ifttt

Here’s something that you get with Fastmail that Gmail won’t let you do: forward emails without verification so that they work with services like ifttt.

I’d tried several work arounds between Gmail and ifttt to be able to email an attachment to and have it redirected to . Even though I could set up a email, Gmail would force me to verify I was allowed to forward to this address. This process entailed having a message sent to with a code or link I needed to click. I could set up a ifttt task to process incoming email as text documents, but the email would come from some random Google address that wouldn’t match the address my ifttt account used. I could never authenticate forwarding to .

With Fastmail, you don’t need to authenticate. Under Options > Define Rules > Forward, you can set up rules to redirect emails to other addresses, such as . Now, when I send an email with an attachment to , the attached file will show up in Dropbox.